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A big gathering you probably haven’t heard about!

The world’s second largest gathering (and the largest annual gathering) is underway, but you don’t hear anything about it in many news media! That’s interesting…


Fedora 25 (Beta)

Fedora 25 will be coming soon! So I decided to try F25 beta to see if I can hunt some bugs; and even if I can start using it as my primary OS. Specially since it is going to use Wayland by default rather than Xorg for its graphical subsystem, more testing is needed to make sure that final release will have less surprising bugs! I’ve tried Wayland in Fedora 24 and some applications (notably Eclipse) work terrible under Wayland; and I’m installed F25 mainly to see how Eclipse works under Wayland there.

Fortunately, Eclipse works fine under Wayland in Fedora 25. Even better, Wayland experience under Fedora 25 seems more smooth than that of Fedora 24 using nouveau driver.

Generally, Wayland under Fedora 25 is usable. However, there are bugs & annoyances here and there. So, it is likely that Fedora will be perceived by a number of users as ‘buggy’. If you are installing Fedora 25 for such users, it is better to switch to using Xorg for now.

For example, I’ve experienced system temporary freeze (e.g. 1 minute or more) a few times. Hamster time tracker and its gnome shell extension have problems under Wayland. The tray icon of Telegram desktop application doesn’t appear.

Fedora 25 comes with a new Gnome. It comes with a new calendar application, which looks good. However, it has crashed for me a lot when adding/removing events. It also lacks some features: e.g. I didn’t find the ability to define recurring events.
Keyboard settings dialog is also updated.
Seeing everything in a long list is actually frightening. But being able to search for the desired action is great; which is IMHO the main way to interact with this new settings design.

As every Fedora release, I enjoy installing & using Fedora extra backgrounds. They are really beautiful, and I’d hope they were available by default (Although it seems that there are a few new default background images too).

What about installation? Fedora 25 installation has almost nothing new: it looks very similar to that of previous releases. However, I had two issues with it which was new: 1. I was unable to install F25 using the ISO stored on the same disk as the target partition. So, I was forced to install Fedora 25 using a separate USB disk which was something I didn’t do for a long time. 2. Layout switching didn’t work in the installer. Beside these problems, the installation goes like before.

And, if you care about your internet usage, make sure that you disable both dnf makecache timer, and stop PackageKit from downloading updates automatically. I don’t allow a new Fedora installation to access internet before doing these, as it might just eat a considerable amount of data.

Happy New Year (1394)! :)

Yes, it is a long time sine last time I updated my blog. I really liked to blog about a few things like Fedora 21 release, but I didn’t managed to. Hopefully, there will be more posts this year! 🙂

And this is my card for the new Solar/Jalali(? if I’m not wrong :P) year, Happy Nowruz (the first day of year in our calendar is called Nowruz)!

Happy Nowruz

Happy Nowruz and The New Solar Hejri Year (1391)

3 days ago (March 20th) was Nowruz, and the beginning of a new Solar Hejri year. Happy Nowruz to everybody who celebrates it, and Happy New Year to Iranians. 😛

Happy Nowruz! :)

A new Spring, A new Nowruz: Happy New Year!

Happy new year to everybody!, specially those who celebrate Nowruz and more specially all Iranians. 🙂
I hope this year will be a great year for all of us. Have fun!

Happy Nowruz :)

Happy Nowruz

Happy Nowruz! :)

This is the first day of Iranian year, Nowruz, which comes with Spring. I really like it 🙂

Thanks to Nicu for his beautiful photoes, I created a simple card. I hope you like it! Happy Nowruz to everybody!! 😉

Happy Nowruz!

Happy Nowruz!

Update: In case you wanted to know more about Nowruz, you can see:

What do you know about Iran?!!

What do you know about Iran? What is your source of information? Are you one of those people who think Iran is a desert, where people use camel for transportation?! Or that Iran streets are dangerous for walking around since somebody might shoot you?
Anyway, if you’ve not visited Iran, and you are interested to know more about it, I suggest you to read this article:
The comments are interesting too!

I had heard that many foreigners (specially western citizens) have a wrong vision about Iran based on what they are fed by their media, and many of them are scared about traveling to Iran. Last year, in IranOpen 2008 RoboCup competitions, I met some foreigners there and talked with some of them. They told me the same thing! Some of them were really scared, and it was just after asking from many people who have visited Iran that they have decided to come to Iran. Even with this information, it was after coming to Iran that they forgot all of their scares!


Hopefully, I’ll see some of my foreign friends in IranOpen 2009 too! 🙂 I really like to see them again. It seems that some of them (from Netherlands and China for example) are planning to come again!