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Problems in creating a Fedora installation disk spin (Parsidora)

Parsidora 17 was not released, because fedora installation disks created from Fedora 17 updates repository didn’t work. We decided to skip Parsidora 17 and create Parsidora 18. Parsidora 18 images were ready long time ago, but we have not released it yet. Why? Because if you create an installation disk using pungi (with updates repository enabled), the installer will crash on boot. Unfortunately, the bug is unnoticed after a long time. If you create a Fedora installation disk with release repositories, it works fine but if you try with updates repository enabled, it’ll crash. I’ve tried a lot to find the offending package, but my efforts have been fruitless. I’ve created images with old kernel, anaconda, and even Xorg, but all of them crash.
I’ll try a little longer, but we might decide to release Parsidora 18 with no updates, which is very undesirable. I hope things get better for Fedora 19 and later. 😦

Oh, new Solar (Jalali) year has come 13 days ago and we are in year 1392. Happy Nowruz! 🙂

Happy Nowruz

Happy Nowruz Closed Its Doors To Iranians (and some others)…

It is a long time (maybe about  2 years) that sourceforge doesn’t allow HTTPS access to its services to Iranians, which made contributing to projects problematic. But I could live with it, since at least it was open for download. So, I would still prefer it to places like Google Code. But since some days ago, it doesn’t allow people comming from Iranian IP addresses to download content, just like Google Code. Well, this is not weird in a world ruled by dumb people!

If you live in Iran, your internet access is restricted: some parts by the government (national), and others by the government(s) (international)! And since both are ridiculous, and dumb, you should fight with both of them! In this case, US is the most ridiculous! In one hand, they say that they want to spreed free information access (e.g. consider the recent China-Google case), and they try to provide tools to allow people in “Restricted” countries to access restricted sites and in the other hand they try to restrict our access to some information (In most cases you can access such information with their own tools!).

And what will they achieve?! Such restrictions will certainly not problematic for government to access contents of sites like google code or, they have many ways to access such content. Even most people with some knowledge about proxies can bypass such restrictions. It will mostly affect ordinary users. Such restrictions are directly fighting against people, not the government.

You can find illegal copies of almost any recent software almost anywhere in Iran, so what’s the point of restricting access to something called FREE software?!

Anyway, I would certainly remove my own project from and will not create any new projects there. I’ve not decided about what I’ll do with my participation in RoboCup Soccer 3D simulator development , but at least I’ll provide source packages somewhere accessible by all users in addition to file releases in

By applying such restrictions, they could not block people to access such content; but they would possibily lose the chance to see their code! As things are getting worse over time, maybe its time to think about anonymity tools more seriously!! Does current tools need improvement?!

Anyway, if you are looking for other alternatives too, have a loot at this wikipedia page, which says which countries are banned by each provider! Fortunately, currently only Google Code and SF.Net restrict users’ access; but it is wise to use a provider not located in USA or in a country/company with too close relations with that country.

Good luck!

Get to know a Fedora Ambassador or User

OK, following this post I’ll introduce myself as a Fedora user and packager (not an official ambassador):
Name: Hedayat Vatankhah
IRC Nick: hedayat
IRC Channels: Very little presense

Update: let me add a photo:


Barrelfish, My Thesis!

Yesterday, I read about a new OS called Barrelfish in this article in OS news. It is a collaboration between researchers at ETH Zurich and Microsoft Research, an open source multikernel operating system. I liked the idea and decided to get it; I was pretty shocked when I was reading its README file and saw that the OS is created on Linux! As an OS related to Microsoft, I didn’t expect it! 😛

Anyway, it seems that this project is not much related to Microsoft itself, so being developed under Linux is not that shocking!

Well, now I’m much more interested in the OS as I can investigate it in Linux :).


Hey! Finally my M.S. thesis proposal is going to be accepted! I had a hard time finding an interesting (for me!) and new subject for my thesis; but finally it seems that I found it! The title is still not finalized, but should be something like “Autonomous Vision-Based Mapping And Environment Exploration For a Home Robot”, or maybe a little more detailed one by adding something like “Using Particle Filters” or something!

RoboCup 2009 (Graz) and followups…

Hedayat in Graz

Hedayat in Graz

Hi all!

RoboCup 2009 competitions were held from June 29 to July 5 in Graz (Austria). After lots of problems, finally we were able to go there and participate in the competitions. That was interesting… but some terrible hardware and software problems happened for us 😦 (we had no problem with Fedora systems though!!! :P)

We were not good in the competitions at all. I’m not sure if we can (or want to!) participate in the next year’s competitions, but if so I hope that we can be much better. Anyway, it is finished now.

Graz is a nice beautiful city. Raining seems to be completely usual there; so it looks much different from dry cities in Iran. I really like it!

Since we were going to Europe, we had planned to visit Paris before returning back to home. After Graz, we went to Munich by train and spent 1 day there. We visited Dauthes Museum and then we went to English (or British?!) Garden. The latter was really beautiful (again, in contrast with dry cities of Iran).

And 1 day later, we were in Paris (we used train again). We spent 3 days in Paris visiting some famous locations and then took our plane to Iran. But it was not a direct flight, we should change our plane in Istanbul (Turkey). And so, we are here! (Istanbul) as we decided to spend 3 days in Istanbul. We arrived here yesterday night, and we will fly to Iran on July 13th. I hope that we can have good days here too. 🙂 Wish luck for us!

P.S. 1: Europe countries are really expensive! 😛

P.S. 2: It seems that people know Iran (at least they know the current president of Iran!!) much better than before! But unfortunately, it is because of recent (undesirable) events in Iran 😦

Unrest in Iran… :(

sunset :(

Since the announcement of disputed Iran’s election results (This Saturday, 13th of January), some tragic events has occurred. At least one man has been killed today (there are some news reporting more in recent events), some students injured and hurt…
Just too bad… too annoying… I hope things get better soon