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Parsidora 16 Released!

Happy new year!

I’m happy to announce the release of next version of our Fedora remix: Parsidora 16 :D! We expect it to be a solid release based on latest updates for Fedora 16, providing a pleasant experience for “others”.  It can be downloaded from our sourceforge space. Everything that a regular user expects should work out of the box, or is a few clicks away. While the default installation adds only a few packages to the Fedora’s default installation, there are lots of packages in DVD media which can be added either during the installation of after the installation using Add/Remove Software or yum.

Parsidora 16 Login Page

Compared to Parsidora 15 and Fedora 16, this released provides relatively few new changes. A few packages have been added to the media, including: Openshot, Synapse, Choqok and Hotot, Tucan, phpMyAdmin, Klavaro and a few more TeXLive 2011 packages. Also, for the first time we are planning to release a Live media version in addition to Parsidora installation medias; but it is not released yet.

Parsidora 16 also comes with an updated version of Jockey(0.9.6) following upstream jockey releases. Parsidora 15 was the first distro coming with Jockey in the Fedora world. It was interesting for others too, as it was added to Fedora Utils, and some other Fedora remixes like Kororaa. In fact, Chris Smart from Kororaa Linux had joined me and helped in preparing the latest Jockey for Fedora. I’m really happy to collaborate with him, which has resulted in higher quality packages. He also added support for installing akmod packages rather than kmods. You can install the latest version of Jockey for Fedora from Parsidora 16 repository similar to the instructions given here. I sent a number of my patches upstream and fortunately, all of them are accepted. It is a healthy collaboration which benefits both parties. 🙂

I was trying to add Jockey to RPMFusion, but adding it properly needs some changes which I should discuss with RPMFusion developers. I didn’t have time for it, but I’ll probably re-start my efforts soon.

Due to its size, Parsidora is not very friendly to downloaders, but once it is downloaded it is very handy to pass on. You won’t need any external packages for most of your usual needs, and this is one of our main goals. Still, it doesn’t bloat your default install, which is not (usually) achievable by live distributions and is helpful to people who do not have access to fast internet connections. However, we are going to provide a live version for others too!