Parsidora 15 is out!

Finally, we released the third version of Parsidora: Parsidora 15. It brings an up-to-date Fedora Remix and tries to provide a more pleasant out of the box experience for people not bound by US law. Therefore, you can find multimedia codecs and other extra goodies in it. Unlike others, its primary focus is on providing an Installation DVD/media instead of a live version. While we are going to release a live version too, it is not our primary goal because our main target users are users who do not have access to high speed internet. Therefore, the image takes 4.7GB almost completely and we try to make sure that most of our target users are able to receive it through internet shops or from their friends.

Parsidora is NOT a localized distribution, and the main language is English. But it does provide some features suitable for Persian users, which can be easily disabled during the installation. Therefore, it can be considered an international distribution.

As mentioned already, Parsidora 15 is the first Fedora remix which features Jockey for easier hardware driver installation. You can read more about this version in this release announcement.

Thanks to all Fedora and RPMFusion contributors for creating such an interesting and high quality product, which enabled us to create Parsidora based on their efforts.


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