Parsidora 14, The Latest Release

About 20 days ago, we released the second version of our Fedora remix: Parsidora 14. This release was much more pleasant than the previous one: it happened at the right time (a little after Fedora 14 including most bug fixes, but before Fedora 15 Alpha release to look a bit old) with better testing, integration and polish. We have a more complete artwork and a new plymouth theme thanks to our graphics guy!

Taking advantage of the latest Fedora updates, this release provides a stable Fedora remix which (hopefully! 😉 ) works out of the box and provides lots of additional software which can be installed during or after installation, even if you don’t have any internet connection.

Some time has been passed since the release and so far, so good: we have not discovered any Parsidora specific bug and it seems that users are happy with it :). It has even attracted new volunteers to our distribution!

Parsidora Plymouth

Parsidora Plymouth Theme

As mentioned before, Parsidora tries to provide a more pleasant Fedora experience, specially those who do not have broadband internet access. Unlike other Fedora remixes like Fusion Linux and Omega (which are live distributions), Parsidora provides a DVD installation media targeting offline users. It also provides better support for Persian users. These two properties makes Parsidora a unique distribution among others. However, the general look and feel of Fedora is preserved since, as said earlier, we want to provide a more pleasant “Fedora” experience.

Parsidora Login Screen

The Parsidora Login Screen

Parsidora includes packages from Fedora, RPM Fusion and Livna repositories, plus some other additional packages. You can find the main features and packages of this release in this page.

Surprisingly, we received requests for a Live version of Parsidora, while we don’t have much to offer in that area compared to other live remixes. Our main target is still the installation DVD, but we might release a live version too. We have not decided yet, but it’ll probably be an Omega equivalent with some small additions like Parsidora branding and better support for Persian users. However, we might simply redirect such users to Omega and maybe trying to add some of our customizations to it. So, there might be a Parsidora live for the sake of completeness, but our (or at least my) main target is still the DVD media.

A small note about including non-free software in Parsidora: there are users who need and use them anyway, so there is no point in not providing them while there is no free alternatives. Specially for offline users (our main target), excluding them is nothing but a huge pain. It WON’T encourage them to avoid non-free software, but to avoid our software completely. However, we will try to encourage the use of free alternatives when possible.


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