Parsidora 13 Release Party!

It was long ago that I talked about Parsidora: a Fedora based distribution targeting specially people with no or slow internet connections and also Persian users (but it is equally usable for English users too). It was not released as soon as I liked; but finally, it is going to be released tomorrow. Interestingly, we will even have a release party for it!

In fact, we wanted to hold a release party for Fedora 13 and introduce Parsidora 13 there; but it didn’t happen on time. And now, since it is too late to hold a Fedora 13 release party we decided to call it “Parsidora Release Party” :). BTW, the purpose is still the same: gathering Fedora and Linux fans in an event.

Parsidora 13 is the first release of this distribution, and is based on Fedora 13 (hence the number “13”). For this release, we only provide single disc 32 and 64 bit installation DVDs. We will consider releasing live CDs for later versions, but the main target is providing installation DVDs since it is much more useful for people without fast internet connections. This release comes with A LOT OF additional software including:

A set of commonly used Persian Fonts (not available in Fedora because of legal ambiguity)
Stardict English-Persian dictionary
Multimedia Codecs and Players (e.g. VLC, MPlayer), Miro, Bunshee
RPMFusion Hardware Drivers
UnRAR/UnACE, p7zip
Kile, TexMaker
TeXLive 2010 (with Persian support)
Jalali Calendar
Compiz Fusion extra packages
LXDE Desktop
Internet applications: Aria2, Epiphany, Pidgin, Gyachi
Complete security related packages of Fedora Security Labs Spin
Eclipse, NetBeans, MonoDevelop, Qt Creator and IntelliJIDEA
Arm and Avr compilers, Avr programming packages
Electronic Related packages: GEDA, ngspice, Kicad, KTechLab, xcircuit
Octave, QtOctave
RoboCup 2D/3D Soccer Simulator Packages
Games: BZFlag, BTanks, CSMash, Chromium-BSU, DosBox, FreeCIV, Glest, ManiaDrive, Neverball, VDrift, Wesnoth

You can find some screenshots of Parsidora here: Parsidora release pre-announcement. We’ve also covers and DVD labels for distributing packaged DVDs. Because of our target user base, our main delivery mechanism will be by using online Linux shops. Currently, we’ve problems in uploading DVD isos (so they are not available for download yet) but we will try to make iso files available for download in Parsidora’s main website ASAP.

I hope a great release party for ourselves! It is going to be in about 14:30 hours from now… 🙂


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  1. Great work man!


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