A small bug fix for the recent sourceforge bug!

As I wrote yesterday, recently a new bug has been appeared in the Sourceforge site! Because of this bug, some users are unable to download any content from this site.

While I wanted to start writing a bug fix myself, I found that a bug fix is already available! To use this fix, you should install Greasemonkey extension in Firefox and then click on its install link so that this script will be installed in GreaseMonkey.But you need to edit the script and add the desired mirror name to it.

To make it more convenient to use, I’ve made slight changes in the original script (including the random selection of a suitable mirror) and the final result is available here. At least for now this solution works and maybe is the best solution.
If they introduce new bugs in future, we will be forced to find new fixes too! 😉

Good luck!
Update: Some of the mirrors started to block users. I just hope that all of them don’t do it. I’ll try to update the script and remove blocked mirrors. 😦


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