Closed Its Doors To Iranians (and some others)…

It is a long time (maybe about  2 years) that sourceforge doesn’t allow HTTPS access to its services to Iranians, which made contributing to projects problematic. But I could live with it, since at least it was open for download. So, I would still prefer it to places like Google Code. But since some days ago, it doesn’t allow people comming from Iranian IP addresses to download content, just like Google Code. Well, this is not weird in a world ruled by dumb people!

If you live in Iran, your internet access is restricted: some parts by the government (national), and others by the government(s) (international)! And since both are ridiculous, and dumb, you should fight with both of them! In this case, US is the most ridiculous! In one hand, they say that they want to spreed free information access (e.g. consider the recent China-Google case), and they try to provide tools to allow people in “Restricted” countries to access restricted sites and in the other hand they try to restrict our access to some information (In most cases you can access such information with their own tools!).

And what will they achieve?! Such restrictions will certainly not problematic for government to access contents of sites like google code or, they have many ways to access such content. Even most people with some knowledge about proxies can bypass such restrictions. It will mostly affect ordinary users. Such restrictions are directly fighting against people, not the government.

You can find illegal copies of almost any recent software almost anywhere in Iran, so what’s the point of restricting access to something called FREE software?!

Anyway, I would certainly remove my own project from and will not create any new projects there. I’ve not decided about what I’ll do with my participation in RoboCup Soccer 3D simulator development , but at least I’ll provide source packages somewhere accessible by all users in addition to file releases in

By applying such restrictions, they could not block people to access such content; but they would possibily lose the chance to see their code! As things are getting worse over time, maybe its time to think about anonymity tools more seriously!! Does current tools need improvement?!

Anyway, if you are looking for other alternatives too, have a loot at this wikipedia page, which says which countries are banned by each provider! Fortunately, currently only Google Code and SF.Net restrict users’ access; but it is wise to use a provider not located in USA or in a country/company with too close relations with that country.

Good luck!


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  1. It’s unfortunate that the laws of our country are so poorly constructed — especially when open source is such a great way to bring us together.

    Best of luck with your new hosting provider. 🙂


  2. Restrict access to information an individual is a repugnant act, in any sphere of thought, especially on the Internet, censorship is something shameful.


  3. They, whether u.s government or Iran, are enemies of Freedom. The U.S is the biggest enemy of internet,


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  5. It’s surprising that only Google Code and SF are restricting the access to the services. I mean, GitHub it’s Sat Francisco based with servers at rackspace, isn’t it?

    I don’t have notices of GitHub blocking access.


    • Posted by Anonymous on January 27, 2010 at 5:35 am

      The probably don’t know or care that they are violating the law.


    • There is a question: if you put some files on a host in USA, and people from banned countries download that files; are you exporting those files to them?! If so, everybody in USA who puts software on a publicly accessible site without restricting ip address of these countries should be jailed! That is ridiculous! It is like putting a passport check gait for every shop in USA and not selling stuff to such people!


      • Posted by Anonymous on January 28, 2010 at 5:59 am

        Indeed. Good luck convincing the American administration of that. On second thoughts, please don’t talk to them about that, the USA might end up with something like The Great Firewall of China.

      • 😛
        It is probably possible to convince them that they should restrict our access completely; but convincing that they should open something seems to be nearly impossible for me!

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