Hi! I’ve been less active recently, as I’m currently busy with my exams. But this doesn’t mean that I’ve forgot what I said before! A while ago I said that we’ve plans to release a new Fedora remix suitable for Persian users. Well, we didn’t manage to make it ready as soon as I planned, but fortunately things are going forward! What we lacked until recently was a name and a logo for our distribution. We do not have a logo yet, but finally we selected a name for it in our forum: Parsidora. I hope that we can release the initial version soon.

Now, what Parsidora is going to be exactly?! Parsidora is going to be a Fedora remix targeted for Persian/English users, containing some packages from RpmFusion repositories, some third party packages and some packages built specifically for Parsidora. It’ll be 100% Fedora compatible, containing almost all of the Fedora DVD packages (probably except packages for all languages other than Persian and English, to make some room for other useful packages), multimedia codecs and additional hardware drivers (as far as permitted), plus some packages which are needed by Persian users like Jalali calendar, Persian dictionary and additional Persian fonts (which were not permitted in Fedora because of ambiguous legal status). Also, as many of our target users do not have fast internet connections, we will add DVD repository by default (probably disabling all online repositories if more comfortable for them); and we will add other useful applications to fill the DVD media completely!

Because of internet access problems, probably our main distribution method will be by selling DVDs in online stores. Will users like it?! I don’t know! But it contains almost everything that Persian users will need to install on a Fedora installation sooner or later! Why shouldn’t they prefer our distribution?!! 😉 Well, we will probably release new versions a bit later than Fedora releases, so people who are eager to try a new Fedora version (who will probably have access to fast internet connection directly or indirectly!) might prefer to use Fedora themselves. But I don’t know what will the others do!! But it would be beneficial for myself, as I install Fedora for many users and using such a distribution will make my work much easier. 😀
The initial release will be probably 32bit only; releasing a 64bit version depends on user demand.

Have fun!


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  2. Be sure when creating this Fedora Remix to read and understand the guidelines at (section 5.6.2) concerning distribution of Fedora software mixed with non-Fedora software.


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