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Conexant HSF modem driver on Fedora 12

Previously, I wrote a document on the installation of a full speed driver for Conexant HSF modems on Fedora 11. That guide is valid for Fedora 12 too. However, some people have told me that their Fedora 12 is unable to boot after installing the driver using that guide. I’ve tried it and I successfully installed and used the driver under Fedora 12. However, as I’ve stated in that guide, I used the latest version of the Linuxant driver (which is rather than which was available on that time). As those guys who have booting problems both used version, that might be a problem with that version. So I highly suggest everybody to always use the latest version of Linuxant driver with my script.

Also, I’ve updated my script to detect the version of the Linuxant driver beside it rather than hardcoding the version number in the script, so you don’t need to modify the script to use the latest version. Just download the latest version and put it beside the script, and run the script. For complete instructions, refer to the original guide.

Have fun