New Fonts in Fedora Supporting Persian

As I said before, after exploring some Persian fonts for legal issues and finding that most of them cannot be included in Fedora, I decided to package SIL Arabic script fonts. So I packaged SIL Scheherazadeh and Lateef fonts, and they are available in Fedora repositories now. SIL Scheherazadeh font should be included in Fedora 12 and later versions, as a font required by Persian locale by default. I hope to be able to find some other fonts to include in Fedora. However, almost any Persian user will need the common fonts mentioned earlier, so I’ll create a package of those fonts an put it somewhere for interested people. Those fonts have unclear legal status, but they are expected to be free to distribute and use.

Fedora 12 is coming and I’m waiting for it! I’ve installed Beta version already, but do not use it much, and waiting to completely replace my Fedora 11 with it. It contains many interesting features, and is generally “better”! There are lots of small changes which are not listed, but improves the final experience.

I am going to create a rpmfusion based Fedora remix containing some other interesting software specially considering Persian people. Hopefully, with the help of others like people in, we will create an interesting Fedora remix for Persian people. 🙂

I’ll talk about my Yum related plans later!

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  1. Posted by masrour on November 8, 2009 at 7:47 am

    i remember that you said same things about fedora 8 !
    the time is going by, so fast!
    good luck with your projects, and your fedora! 🙂


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