Do you know ANY free/opensource mail client with proper support for RTL languages?!

I didn’t find one! Currently I use Thunderbird with BiDi Mail extension, but it’s not good. This extension is not updated for latest Thunderbird 3 Beta, and it is buggy there. But anyway, I still use it as other alternatives are not better too.

I wonder why none of these mail clients support that! Thunderbird should support it by default. At least, mail clients should have buttons for setting the paragraph direction. This is not a big request! Adding 2 buttons for setting paragraph direction in HTML messages is not too much IMHO!

Evolution: it doesn’t provide the buttons too, but it tries to automatically detect paragraph directions and put correct HTML tags for it. Well, till now, it’s good. But it has another problem: I tell it to use UTF-8 encoding, but it doesn’t care! It encodes Persian characters using HTML unicode characters, which is not desirable as it increases the size of email considerably. I’ve filled a bug against it long ago, but there is no activity to solve it. Interesting!

KMail: Do not provide any kind of support for RTL languages AFAIK.

Well, it seems that I’ve not tried anything else! Do you know a good email client which supports RTL languages correctly?!


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  1. U can try opera 10,


    • Thanks! It works. While it does not have any buttons to set text direction per paragraph (which is required in mixed emails (e.g. English-Persian like writing some Linux commands inside email), but at least it’s direction auto detection works (till now, it is like evolution) and it do UTF-8 encoding correctly (evolution can’t do it!). So, it has the best integrated RTL support among these. I should just check to see how is it in whole. (does it have all of the features I’d like to use or not).

      Thanks again!


  2. you can customize the interface and add the RTL button (just like in Firefox)


  3. mmm…! Are you seducing me?! 😉 😛 But who knows, maybe I’ll switch other things too! 🙂


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