RoboCup 2009 (Graz) and followups…

Hedayat in Graz

Hedayat in Graz

Hi all!

RoboCup 2009 competitions were held from June 29 to July 5 in Graz (Austria). After lots of problems, finally we were able to go there and participate in the competitions. That was interesting… but some terrible hardware and software problems happened for us 😦 (we had no problem with Fedora systems though!!! :P)

We were not good in the competitions at all. I’m not sure if we can (or want to!) participate in the next year’s competitions, but if so I hope that we can be much better. Anyway, it is finished now.

Graz is a nice beautiful city. Raining seems to be completely usual there; so it looks much different from dry cities in Iran. I really like it!

Since we were going to Europe, we had planned to visit Paris before returning back to home. After Graz, we went to Munich by train and spent 1 day there. We visited Dauthes Museum and then we went to English (or British?!) Garden. The latter was really beautiful (again, in contrast with dry cities of Iran).

And 1 day later, we were in Paris (we used train again). We spent 3 days in Paris visiting some famous locations and then took our plane to Iran. But it was not a direct flight, we should change our plane in Istanbul (Turkey). And so, we are here! (Istanbul) as we decided to spend 3 days in Istanbul. We arrived here yesterday night, and we will fly to Iran on July 13th. I hope that we can have good days here too. 🙂 Wish luck for us!

P.S. 1: Europe countries are really expensive! 😛

P.S. 2: It seems that people know Iran (at least they know the current president of Iran!!) much better than before! But unfortunately, it is because of recent (undesirable) events in Iran 😦


10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sajjad on July 11, 2009 at 4:24 pm

    Call me jealous!!
    What was this trip? A scientific or tourist one? And on the budget of university? 😉


  2. 🙂
    1. Both!
    2. The university gave us a part of the scientific part of the budget. We paid the remaining part of the scientific part and the complete tourist one ourselves. 😦


  3. Dude!!
    I`m really happy for you,not for the Robocup or scientific activity,but for the chance you had to visit abroad and other cultures.It will definitely help you get a better view of the world.
    Paris…It probably had been the best part!lucky you!!!


  4. Posted by zainabzf on July 12, 2009 at 11:17 am

    nice pic 😉
    I would most definitely go to Italy if I were you + I probably wouldn’t return until the end of summer :))


  5. Arman: Thanks! 🙂 Yes, it did!! The best part… it depends on what you focus on. 😉

    zainabzf: Going to Rome instead of Munich was an option but rejected! We considered our money and decided to skip it. The same reason is enough for returning back; we’ve already spent much more than what we expected 😦


  6. دريا ، صبور و سنگين . . مي خواند و مي نوشت . .

    من خواب نيستم . . خاموش اگر نشستم . . ،

    مرداب نيستم . . !

    روزي كه برخروشم و زنجير بگسلم . . روشن شود كه آتشم و آب نيستم . .




  7. Posted by Mohammad Sh on July 28, 2009 at 12:12 pm

    I just say… ey kachallll 😀


  8. بلایی شدی واسه خودت ها


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