Fedora 11 Released! :) Jigdo shines again…this time with Presto!

Hi! Congratulations to everybody 😀 Fedora 11 is out. That’s good news, but not so much exciting for me, since I’m using it as its Preview edition came out. Anyway, it’s great to see it reaching the Final edition.

In brief, it is better than Fedora 10!! You can find more about it in it’s feature list or release notes. Some highlights: ext4 support, intel/ATI/nvidia KMS(Kernel Mode Setting), OpenOffice.org with improved Persian(Farsi) support, Firefox 3.5 (beta version, but works fine. supports HTML5 which has audio/video capabilities (built in player for the standard format)), more eclipse tools, netbeans 6.5 and official Presto support. As noted before, presto support is great and will reduce the download time for updates significantly.

Well, I’m using 64 bit edition of Fedora. But, I decided to get Fedora 11 final edition for both 64 and 32 bit systems. Since I favor jigdo for getting Fedora DVD images, I started to get the 64 bit edition with it. I had Fedora 11 x86_64 Preview DVD image, and also many updated packages in yum cache (/var/cache/yum) which were downloaded using presto. From 2872 packages, there was only near 400 packages missing, all other were in preview DVD or my update packages. That was great, jigdo got those missing packages and built my Fedora 11 DVD images. So, with the help of jigdo and presto, I was able to get my Fedora 11 DVD faster than ever!

Then, I decided to get the 32bit edition of Fedora 11 DVD (i586 edition this time, instead of i386 edition for previous releases). I used jigdo again, and good results: from more than 2700 packages, only 1000 packages were missing in my 64bit package collection. It means a great saving in download size again.

Jigdo is also a safe way do download a large file like DVD image, since it downloads the image file by file, and you won’t get a corrupted image file at the end (bittorent provides the same safety, but without that saving in the download size).

Have fun! 🙂


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