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The competitions were finished 3 days ago, and now I’m back in our dormitory.

As a competitor, the results were satisfying, but that was not because of our goodness! Much more powerfull competitors are expected in RoboCup2009 competitions in Austria, so we should work hard on our @Home robot.

But we had a great time in 3D simulation league. The competitions were held smoothly, and this year we used Fedora 10 in this league. 🙂 (That’s not so surprising when you can find me among the organizers of this league 😛 ).

Currently, Fedora is one of the best platforms for a RoboCupper, specially as some of the official packages are in Fedora repositories. While our Fedora Robotics SIG is inactive for awhile, and there is no Fedora Robotics Spin yet; but packages such as rcssserver (2D simulation server), rcssserver3d & simspark (3D simulation server) and player are already in Fedora. I hope we can make more progress soon.