Using Fedora DVD; not a solution, but a bit better!

As I said before, the current state of Fedora package management in regard to using its installation media is so undesirable. Sooner or later, every new Fedora user will ask you about it except if it doesn’t want to use the media at all!
Interestingly, he can’t find any guides in his DVD about installing software from DVD after Fedora installation. Also, there is nothing in the official Fedora pages (at as far as I know! Certainly, you can find about it in many places, but such basic guide should be in a more accessible place. (?!)
Anyway, just to make it a little easier for new users, I decided to create a small RPM package containing the required yum configuration file. At least I have a better answer for new users on phone! You can find the RPM package here:
This RPM should work on Fedora 9, 10, and later for users which use Fedora DVD. It might work on other versions too!
No configuration should be needed, just install the package and run yum or Add/Remove Software.
Maybe someone liked to use it!

Have fun
Update: This RPM package works on Fedora 11 and should work on Fedora 12 and later. If it didn’t, please let me know so I’ll provide an updated RPM for that.


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  1. Just wanted to mention that the wiki actually needs people like you to write the content you are looking for. Write up an article, put the tags [[Category:How to]] and [[Category:Draft documentation]] at the bottom of the source, and you’ve made something another writer can help complete.


  2. 🙂 Thank you. I was considering doing so. But I hope that it work out of the box soon, and doesn’t need such documentation 😦


    • Posted by Aza on January 5, 2010 at 1:07 am

      Thank you so much Hedayat for this.

      Only God knows why the Package Manager doesn’t support this out of-the-box?!
      Surely that wouldn’t be too difficult for the geniuses at Fedora.


      • 🙂 You’re welcome. The support was planned for Fedora 12, but it is deferred to Fedora 13. I hope that Fedora 13’s package manager will support it out of the box. (Unfortunately there seems to be no progress in this at least currently)

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