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Hi Fedora Planet!

This is my first post which is supposed to appear in the Fedora Planet! Hi all!!

A (maybe!) brief introduction: I’m a 22 years old student, studying AI. I’ve started working with Linux using RedHat 7.2, and while I’ve tested some other distributions briefly, I’m a RedHat (up to version 9)/Fedora user.

Some years ago, I contributed some Persian translations to RedHat and Gnome. Later, I worked on my wxWidgets RAD tool called Almas Designer.

Currently, I’m one of the developers of RoboCup Soccer Simulation Server 3D.

In Fedora, as a member of Fedora Robotics SIG I’m maintaining some RoboCup Soccer Simulation packages for now.

I’ve some Linux related working experience too…

Was it brief?! 🙂